Biological warfare

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Can your biowarfare tests be used by anyone or just professional first responders?

Although our tests are extremely easy to use, Advnt recommends that only professionals use our bioterrorism tests First responders know the signs and symptoms of a bioterrorism threat. They also know how to properly protect themselves from biological warfare agents. If an agent is detected, Advnt always recommends that further evaluations be done by a State lab or other National Reference Laboratory.

ProStrips and BADD biowarfare agent detection devices provide the necessary information crucial to the first responder, allowing them to quickly mitigate a potential threat.

Only ProStrips and BADD can provide

  • Results in as little as 3 minutes
  • Results with no additional equipment or readers
  • A shelf life of two years
  • The lowest cost per test.

BADD biological agent detection test kits are an essential component in the fight against bioterrorism. These devices are extremely accurate and offer key information to the first responder quickly and accurately. Whether there is a concern for anthrax testing, ricin testing or any other BW concern, the use of biowarfare agent detection devices or HHA's is critical.