Biological weapons

Biological Weapons // Chemical & Biological Weapons // Biological Warfare // Anthrax, Botulism, Ricin

Does Advnt plan on developing any additional first responder kits to the six already available?

The biological weapons detection devices that Advnt currently carries include threat detection for Anthrax, Botulinum toxin, Ricin toxin, y. Pestis (plague), SEB and Tularemia. AdVnt Biotechnologies will  always consider adding additional detection products to meet client demand. If you have a product of interest just let us know via the "Contact Us" option of our website.

Current products available from Advnt Biotechnologies.

  • Anthrax threat detection kits
  • Ricin Toxin threat detection kits
  • Botulinum threat detection kits
  • Y. pestis or plague threat detection kits
  • SEB threat detection kits
  • Tularemia threat detection kits
  • Pro Strip 5 agent threat detection kits
  • Pro Strips multi-agent ATTAK training kits
  • BADD single-agent training kits

AdVnt Biotechnologies threat detection products make detection simple!