Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin // Botulinum Detection Device Test // Bioterrorism & Biological Weapons

Is botulinum toxin detection or any BW detection truly possible within 15 minutes?

YES. Today's Hand-held assays are capable of detecting several BW threats within a 15 minute time frame, and they can do it with an extremely high level of accuracy. Anthrax, ricin toxin, botulinum, Y pestis, SEB, Tularemia, Brucella and Smallpox can all be detected using todays HHA's. Bioterrorism is here to stay and those on the frontline of a potential biological warfare threat, must have the best available tools at their disposal. Our BADD and ProStrips BW products help to fill that role for HazMat and First Responder teams around the world.

Advnt has a variety of detection devices available to help meet the needs of CST Teams, HAZMAT, Security personnel and military operations. Our devices are used by professionals who demand only the best. Contact us today for a complete brochure and a free sample of any our currently available tests.