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How accurate are your tests at the two year mark?

Extensive in-house evaluations have been performed on all our BW devices to guarantee proper performance at the two year mark. All First Responder test kits are just as reliable at the two-year mark as they are when manufactured. However, its important that they are not used past their expiration date due to degradation after this time. These tests will fail to work properly after two years. First Responders should replace all tests on or just prior to their expiration date. The expiration date and lot number can be found on the seal of the outer aluminum pouch.

None of the materials within in our Pro Strips or BADD bioterrorism first responder test kits contain any toxic substances and therefore can be disposed of in the normal trash. If you wish, near expired tests can be used for additional training. Utilizing near-expired tests will allow your team the opportunity to better understand the proper procedures and performance characteristics of the test prior to using them on a white powder call.

Anthrax tests, ricin tests, botulinum tests, Y.pestis tests and SEB tests can all be used for training. However, as mentioned earlier, we strongly recommend that they are not used past the expiry date.