Mold Spores

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What are the types, signs, symptoms and dangers of molds that could be growing in my home?

Mold spores are present in every home, and there are literally thousands of different variations. Many do not harm us, but some have the potential of unleashing serious effects. Penicillium, Aspergillus and Stachybotrys are three types that should be of most concern. These can cause any number of illnesses that sometimes can go undetected as mold related, until the problem is much further along. People with allergies, asthma and weakened immune systems are highly susceptible to health risks that range from wheezing to lung infection. Spores that release toxins can even cause death. If anyone in your household exhibits symptoms, you should strongly consider evaluating household and environmental samples using the "Informant 15 -Minute Black Mold Detection Test". Black mold detection is critical, and there is not a more reliable cost efficient, home mold detection test out there than the "Informant 15 Minute Black Mold Detection Test" by AdVnt Biotechnologies. If you suspect mold has invaded your home, Advnt Biotechnologies strongly recommends that you follow up with a professional mold remediation company.

Black molds can grow on damp surfaces in your home. Aside from their obvious presence, signs and symptoms include:

  • Mildewed, musty odor
  • Discolored or warped surfaces
  • Previous location of flooding or water leak
  • Area of high humidity
  • Allergic reactions or asthmatic attacks

Black mold detection utilizing the "Informant 15 Minute Black Mold Detection Test" is an excellent beginning to a clean and safe building. Cleaning and eliminating mold yourself can be daunting and can potentially pose additional health hazards, it's always best to consult with a professional first.