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Do your mold tests work for both spot checking and whole house testing?

Mold test kits are not all created equal. Some require sending the results to a lab, while others detect non-specific organic matter. Our 'Informant 15 Minute Black Mold Test' stands out because it is specific to detecting hazardous Black Mold. But the difference between our device and others on the market does not end there. Our results are faster and more reliable so you can immediately move on to the cleaning, removal and remediation of the black mold spores in your home.

Whether you need mold test kits for your own home or for your customers, you want results fast. That's especially true of black mold detection, a toxic substance that needs prompt identification and cleaning. Our black mold test kits:

  • Return results within 15 minutes
  • Require no additional equipment
  • Have a shelf life of 24 months

Most importantly, they do not generate false positives for just any organic material.

Toxic black mold detection is never an easy result to deal with - in your own home or that of a customer. Not only can its mere presence be a hazard, but so can the cleaning process. And that's why "The Informant 15 Minute Black Mold Detection Test" is so essential.

Whether you're spot-checking or whole house testing (air or dust sampling), our black mold test kits are guaranteed to generate quick, accurate results. The sooner you can confirm black mold detection, the sooner you can arrange for its safe removal.