Ricin Toxin

Ricin Detection // Bioterrorism Ricin Test // Biological Weapons & Warfare

Since ricin comes from the castor bean, will your ricin tests trigger a positive response to castor oil?

NO. Two very specific compounds must be present for our tests to trigger a positive response to Ricin and those compounds do not exist in castor oil. Advnt's ricin detection devices are very specific and do not create a false positive response due to the introduction of castor oil into the test. However, the potential for a Biological warfare event using ricin is very real. This was recently demonstrated in Las Vegas, where ricin was discovered in an Extended Stay Hotel in 2008. The Las Vegas HAZMAT team successfully found ricin utlizing Advnt's BADD ricin toxin test.

Advnt's ricin detection devices are highly accurate when used for the detection of a biological warfare agent. The BADD and ProStrip devices and are quick and easy to use.

HazMat teams and first responders around the world rely on our detection devices for rapid, accurate screening of potential BW threats.



Just 500 micrograms (about the size of a grain of salt) of ricin toxin can kill a man. Ricin toxin penetrates cells and prevents them from making essential proteins. Death can occur within 36 to 72 hours.