Pro Strips Advanced Training Kit- ATTAK PAK 10/bx

Pro Strips ATTAK (Advanced Tactical Threat Assessment Kit) Training System- 10/bx
Manufacturer: Advnt Biotechnologies


The Pro Strips ATTAK Training system creates the most realistic training experience when preparing to deploy the Pro Strips 5 Agent Biowarfare Threat Detection kits to your biological threat response teams.

The ATTAK training kits precisely portrays the use of the Pro Strips Multi-Agent BioWarfare Detection kits.

Each test device wil provide either positive or negative results for the following BW agents when exposed to the included training simulants (Positive powder, Positive liquid or Negative powder):
BA- Anthrax
RC- Ricin toxin
CB- Botulinum toxin
YP- Plague(Y. pestis)
SE- SEB (Staphylococcal enterotoxin B)

Each box includes the following:
  9 - ATTAK training kits
  1 - PS-5S Pro Strips Simulation training kit (Shows Positive, Weak positive, Neg & Invalid test results)
  1 - Positive ThreatDust white simulation   powder
  1 - Positive ThreatJuice simulation liquid
  1 - Negative ThreatDust white simulation powder
  1- Trainer instruction guide

Please indicate the pre-programmed test you require by selecting the corresponding
product code when ordering

PS-A5-SP     for random mix of bio-threat outcomes
PS-A5-BA     for Bacillus anthracis
PS-A5-RC     for Ricin Toxin
PS-A5-CB     for Botulinum Toxin
PS-A5-YP      for Y.pestis (Plague)
PS-A5-SE     for SEB (Staphylococcal enterotoxin B)

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