Anthrax, Ricin, Botulinum, Plague, SEB & Tularemia Threat Detection Kits (REFILL)30/cs REFILL KIT

AdVnt's BADD BOX REFILL KIT that includes six (6) different single-agent Biowarfare Detection kits- 30 Kits/Case
Manufacturer: Advnt Biotechnologies


This "REFILL" version is a combination of our six (6) single agent detection kits for a ballistic style hard case.

Each kit contains everything needed to perform the test. 

No additional collection kits or readers are required.

This item has a 2 year shelf life from date of manufacture and does not require refrigeration.

Works in temperatures up to 120° Fahrenheit

This REFILL KIT includes the following:

5 - Anthrax Threat Detection Kits
5 - Ricin Toxin Threat Detection Kits
5 - Botulinum Toxin Threat Detection Kits
5 - Plague Threat Detection Kits
5 - SEB Threat Detection Kits
5 - Tularemia Threat Detection Kits
1 - Recyclable shipping container
1 - 8" x 11" laminated instruction card

DHS mark